What is Mobile Mapper?

Mobile Mapper is an app for recording wildlife sightings. It can be configured to work with various mapping projects, including your own personal projects if you would like.

Where can I get Mobile Mapper

Mobile Mapper is currently available in the Google Play Store, the iTunes Store, and the Windows Store. Other platforms may follow.

What projects are using Mobile Mapper?

Please view the appropriate project's page for instructions on how to setup Mobile Mapper.

How do I use Mobile Mapper with my project?

To use Mobile Mapper with any project, you must fill in three settings:

E-mail / Username: The email address or username associated with your account.

API Key: The API Key generated for your account. Some projects may have you use your password, but we do not encourage using passwords as they are not securely stored on your mobile device. The API Key should be something that can only be used to add records, and not for retrieving them.

Configuration URL: The URL provided by the project that provides that returns a valid configuration file. An example configuration file can be downloaded HERE. The configuration file can be a static file, or generated by a scripting language.

More information coming soon...